How does the word above make you feel? Anxious, mad, excited? How did you feel when your GPS told that it was recalculating? Did you follow those directions; did you get to your destination?

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.” – John Wayne

The Southern Colorado Consistory recently made some significant changes to the way we do business. After talking to Brethren across the Consistory and participating in numerous brain-storming sessions, a decision was unanimously made to refocus our efforts concerning reunions and education.

The most significant change was the decision to eliminate the Reunions that are held in April and November. This decision was based on numerous factors, however, two really stood out: First, one of the most often heard pieces of feedback following a reunion is that three days of back to back degrees was too much. Many stated that they were no more knowledgeable when they left the Reunion than when it started. Second, the large majority of Brethren that attend Reunions are staff. What that means is we have a large number of Scottish Rite Masons who have seen the Degrees exemplified or communicated one time; not a very good track record for an institution that claims to be the “University of Freemasonry.” Continued study of the Degrees is the best way to increase one’s knowledge of the teachings, gain an understand of how they apply to our own lives.

Starting in January with the exemplification of the 4th Degree, the Southern Colorado Consistory put into motion a new beginning, not only for candidates but for all members. The 4th through the 32nd Degrees will be presented on our usual Stated Meeting nights, with the addition of a couple of Saturdays. This methodology is intended to increase understanding of the degrees and lends itself to a solid education program throughout the year.

Support for the changes has been overwhelmingly positive. Numerous Brothers have brought forth ideas that support and complement the ongoing effort to provide the best experience for candidates and members alike. As we progress through the first year, continued feedback and suggestions are welcome. The success of the Southern Colorado Consistory should not be dependent on just staff; it should be achieved through a collective effort by all.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Ray Dunn, 32ᵒ, KCCH
Director General