2017 has ended with many new faces in new positions and a massive undertaking of how degrees and education will be presented in 2018. Let’s start with the recognition of our retiring brothers.

Chuck Tedrow, 33° has retired from the Director of Lighting. He was replaced by J.D. Potter, 32° KCCH. Jerry Long, 33° Director of Properties passed away in July 2017. He was replaced by James Warren, 32°. Jerry McGill, 33°, has retired from the Director of Wardrobe. Gary Sears, 33°, Director of the Makeup Department, stepped down when Wardrobe and Makeup Departments were consolidated. Mike Palmer, 32° is the new Director of Wardrobe/Makeup. Mike Cope, 33°, has retired as Director of the Sound Department. He was replaced by Roger Chilcoat, 32° KCCH. MWB Ben Crossno, 33° has retired as our Almoner with over 30 years in that position. He was replaced by his Assistant Almoner, MWB Mike McMillan, 33° and Bud Gressett, 32° replaced Bro. Mike as Assistant Almoner. These retiring brethren all were recognized at the December stated meeting with Emeritus status in their respective positions. Their dedication to these positions and their loyalty to the Valley of Colo Spgs/Pueblo deserves our heartfelt thank you! Well done, brothers.

A few times throughout this newsletter you’ve seen “New Look” mentioned. As most of you know we had no candidates for our November 2017 reunion. With a heavy heart, I was the one who canceled the reunion. On November 4, 2017, members of the Reunion staff, Office staff, the Orient Rep to SGIG and I met to come up with something to see how this could be turned around. Bro. Barry Nightingale from the Reunion Staff presented a proposed “New Look” as to how degrees and education could be presented. It meant canceling reunions, as we know them and exemplifying degrees at our stated meeting and additional scheduling over a 12-month period. More detailed information is to be provided in this newsletter by our Reunion staff. The new plan was quickly embraced at this meeting, presented and endorsed by the Executive Committee, and later presented with favorable comments at the December 2017 stated meeting. The general consensus is that the brethren know something has to be done and they welcome “New Look”. And, so it began in January 2018 with the exemplification of the 4th Degree at the January 3, 2018, stated meeting.

The Reunion Staff has been reorganized and is as follows: Director General, Ray Dunn, 32° KCCH. Under Bro. Ray’s umbrella is – Director of Education, Jason Bunch, 32°; Director of Degrees, Jerry Underwood, 32° KCCH, and Director of Plans & Support, Barry Nightingale, 32° KCCH. It’s going to take all of us to make this change successful and I request that you give your utmost support to these brothers along with all of our department heads and their staff. Let’s knock it out of the park!